Lead Acid Battery

Gravita has capacity and capabilities to produce superior quality of alloys with stringent specifications and metallurgical properties. We produce Lead –Selenium – Antimony alloy, Lead – Calcium – Tin alloy, Lead – Arsenic alloy for manufacturing of lead acid batteries.

Lead is most widely used in lead acid batteries, more than 70% lead is used for this application world wide. Lead has property of high energy carrying capacity and that why it is used for this application. Lead acid batteries extensively used in automobiles, Telecom tower power back up, UPS power back and solar power.

Besides Lead Alloys, Gravita manufacture lead oxide (Red Lead) for application specific in this segment. These batteries has service life of 2 to 4 years and has 100% high recyclability. More than 95% batteries are recycling across the world. Lead is among highest recyclable material also.